11 March 2007

Bonjour tout le monde. This is the first post on my new blog. I’m still in the throes of writing my thesis, but nevertheregardless it’s time to design and implement a plan for a life without school. And that’s why this blog begins now, when my research and writing skills are sharp and pointy, to make the most of that momentum as I transition to the next level.

But this blog is (I hope) not just for me. My intention is to provide commentary and research regarding:

  • Force feedback devices and usage scenarios
  • Vibration actuator development
  • Social and cultural effects of haptic technology
  • Human factors including physiology, cognition, semiotics and metaphor
  • Musical applications
  • Conference information and live-blogging
  • Product reviews of mass-market haptic devices

I’m more interested in design methodologies than low-level technical implementations. You probably won’t find any more than the most basic code and schematics linked from here. But you will find information on rather interesting and important subjects such as design spaces, conceptual frameworks, etc.

Stop by again soon and you will find more posts. Until then check out some of the other material I’ve provided. And please don’t hesitate to give me feedback or just drop a note to say hello. Until next time…

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